Landing View or Homepage

Set your homepage with different views of your NFT collections, users, and recently uploaded assets:
Access the Landing View section under Appearance
The tool is (fairly) easy to use!
  • Type the section name such as: Newest NFT's, Popular Collections, Featured NFT's, Featured Collections - anything you'd like!
  • Select Type: Most Recent / Featured Collections/NFT's/Users;
  • Select Grid: this shows how many tiles will be displayed;
Once you add the section, remember to fill it out (if it's not Recent Collections/NFT's/Users):
Add Collection contract address here to show the collection you'd like to feature
Remember to paste in the Contract Address of the collection you'd like to feature (by clicking on the tile).
Paste the Collection Address from Collections -> Collection Details
We're working on a more intuitive / faster way to show features collections or NFT's - stay tuned!
Last modified 1yr ago