🙌Getting Started

Good to know: we're working hard to provide you a comprehensive API reference for all your NFT needs!

First, welcome to Fungies! We're super happy you're here and would like to thank you for using our products. As a reminder, here's a short video how to upload your first NFT (in under 5 minutes):

Sample NFT store / marketplace

Here's a sample you can test it out: https://nft-game.fungies.app/

Register with e-mail

Once you're represented with Login screen, navigate to "Register"

Verify e-mail (check Spam folder!)

Check verification e-mail has landed in your Spam folder! And then click "Verify"

Answer a short survey (or skip it!)

We'd like to know you better so if you have 10 seconds, don't skip the survey!

Create your own subdomain and name your store or marketplace!

This is exciting! Now name your store or marketplace and let us handle your subdomain. You can always change the subdomain to your own domain later on in Settings!

Congratulations! You now have officially opened your first NFT store and marketplace!

Now you can access your beautiful developer dashboard just like below:

Now let's go to Basics: Create you collection and upload your first NFT

One of the core features of Fungies is that our software allows you to mint NFT's for free using our no-code solution. Here's your short guide on how to upload your first gaming NFT!

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of Fungies.io to get a deeper understanding of our main features:

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