NFT Details

Let's explore all the details of the NFT that you've just listed!

Here are the details you need to know about your particular NFT:

  • Creator: the one who minted this NFT;

  • Collection: type of collection is show under the name (ERC721 or ERC1155);

  • Network: your chosen Blockchain network;

  • Created at: time and date of mint;

  • Minting type: Lazy Minted = Free Minted, it means that the token itself (the NFT) hasn't been minted on Blockchain, only when the Buyer purchases it will be minted;

  • Total supply: total number of NFT's ever minted / created. Not ALL of them will be put on sale, in this example - the number of offers is 1 which means only 1 pc. of that NFT will be put on sale;

  • TokenID: because this was Lazy Minted the NFT address / token address is not yet visible;

  • Contract address: the smart contract on Blockchain that was used to mint this NFT;

  • Description: all the other details about this NFT;

  • Tags: users will search NFT's by using this tag on the Search page;

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