NFT Details

Let's explore all the details of the NFT that you've just listed!
NFT details entice all needed information!
Here are the details you need to know about your particular NFT:
  • Creator: the one who minted this NFT;
  • Collection: type of collection is show under the name (ERC721 or ERC1155);
  • Network: your chosen Blockchain network;
  • Created at: time and date of mint;
  • Minting type: Lazy Minted = Free Minted, it means that the token itself (the NFT) hasn't been minted on Blockchain, only when the Buyer purchases it will be minted;
  • Total supply: total number of NFT's ever minted / created. Not ALL of them will be put on sale, in this example - the number of offers is 1 which means only 1 pc. of that NFT will be put on sale;
  • TokenID: because this was Lazy Minted the NFT address / token address is not yet visible;
  • Contract address: the smart contract on Blockchain that was used to mint this NFT;
  • Description: all the other details about this NFT;
  • Tags: users will search NFT's by using this tag on the Search page;