Creating your NFT's

Now that you've created your collection, it's time to upload your NFT's! Head over to NFTs on the left side of the menu, click "Create NFT" on the up right corner, you should be directed to the first step of the NFT minting process, which is choosing the chain to mint on:

Next up:

  • Upload JPG, PNG, MP4;

  • Name your NFT;

  • Add Description;

  • Add Tags (by which your buyers can filter when searching on your Store/Marketplace)

Sweet! Now choose the collection to which that NFT should be assigned:

Now, the final step is to choose the right settings:

What's Free Minting? It means that your NFT will be uploade to your store / marketplace but won't be minted on the Blockchain. Free Minting saves you money on Gas Fees! Only when the buyer purchases your NFT he/she will pay the gas fee for minting it.

Regular minting, on the other hand, allows you to mint the NFT immediately on the Blockchain. But bear in mind, that will cost you some gas! (albeit minimal amount, 1/10 of a $ cent!).

Now choose:

  • Distribution type: switch Buy Now "ON" if you'd like to list it as a BUYABLE NFT on your store or marketplace;

  • Price: set the price for your NFT that will be buyable with a chosen Cryptocurrency;

  • Asset visibility: make it Public or Private;

  • Royalty: the NFT minted in your collection will inherit that collection's Royalties. Royalty is how much of % percentage you get from secondary sales;

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